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Crossroads Christian Schools uses Switched on Schoolhouse Christian curriculum that is "State of the Art," cutting edge ALL technology delivered curriculum. Switched-On Schoolhouse is a comprehensive, Christian curriculum that offers computer-based learning for grades K-12. With animation, video clips, and other fascinating multimedia. Switched-On Schoolhouse is the perfect Christian curriculum for today's generation. With this flexible, curriculum, we can customize student learning to fit individual educational needs.

Unlike traditional textbook curriculums with dry, one-dimensional lessons, Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) has a diverse, vibrant mix of entertaining lessons, assignments quizzes, and more! Fun-filled lessons are created to captivate students' attention and engage them in learning.  Switched-On Schoolhouse offers five core subjects and a wide variety of electives. With features that enhance content and functionality, this award-winning Christian curriculum offers ease, accuracy, and quality academics.

Students can take up to 7 academic subjects per year, while specific courses parallel the State of Florida's requirement for graduation. The Crossroads Christian School year is 175 days, 6.5 hours per day. Our goal is to challenge students to enjoy learning and to be successful!

Summer School and Tutoring are also available.

Grading System

Progress reports are issued every mid-marking period and are also given at report card time for any grades below "C." Report cards are mailed home every quarter, with the quarter grade for each subject determined by averaging grades (based on the student's progress in performing on functioning level):

  • 1/3 = Classroom Participation/Effort
  • 1/3 = Class Work
  • 1/3 = Chapter Tests/Projects

School Grading Scale:

  • A: 90% - 100%
  • B: 80% - 89%
  • C: 70% - 79%
  • D: 60% - 69%
  • F: 00% - 59%
  • S: Satisfactory (Elementary - Some Subjects)
  • N: Needs Improvement (Elementary - Some Subjects)
  • I: Incomplete

Grades "A" to "F" are assigned on the basis of individual academic progress. Incomplete grades may be issued to students whose work is not complete because of absences or other extenuating circumstances.

Incomplete grades must be made up by the next grading period. Each teacher at our private school will determine exact due dates for make-up work based on individual situations. Any grade can be improved by additional work assignments successfully completed within 3 weeks after the grading period. Students who fail the final grading period may be required to attend summer school to receive course credit.

For more information about our educational programs and grading scale, contact our private school today.

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